Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Working on something new...

Here's a little sneak peek of what I've been working on.  The sketches are of some ideas for new mini quilts similar to these I made a few months ago. 

  I'm working on some new stuff

This is a little snippet of my process for making these.  The images you see above are photographs that I have altered in Photoshop.  I've printed them out in black and white and used colored pencils on them to see what they'll end up looking like.  Using my KONA color card, I decide which colors I am going to use to build my images. 

Today I spent my morning refining my fabric list.  My afternoon was spent hitting a few places to pick up all the colors I can get without paying shipping or having a 1/2 yard minimum of each color.  Tonight I'll be working on ordering all my remaining colors online. 

Once I end up with all the colors in my palette, I'll start tracing my pieces onto fusible web, ironing the fabric onto the fusible web, and building up my images. 

So, why am I making a bunch of mini quilts?  Well, the KC Modern Quilt Guild has a quilt show coming up on October 1st.  I'm considering renting a table where I can sell some of my work there.  It's also something I've been thinking about putting up on my etsy shop for a while now, so if I don't make the deadline for the quilt show, I can still always sell it there. 

Watch for some more progress photos of my projects coming up before too long. 

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waggonswest said...

Thank you for letting us see a bit of your process. The images you are working from are all beautiful. I am looking forward to seeing the completed product.