Friday, March 20, 2009

Part of the prizes have arrived!

The nice man in the white FedEx truck paid me a visit today. He brought me all sorts of goodies. He carried this giant box up the stairs for me to enjoy. :D

This is the nice card that was included with the package. It was the same card as the first round of prizes, so I didn't photograph the outside.

This fun shopping bag was used as a gift bag (with black tissue paper and all) for the fabrics that were sent to me.

Aren't these beautiful? I would describe them as a 60s print with a contemporary twist. I'm not sure how accurate that description is, but that's the best I can describe them.

This was the collection of books they sent. One of the magazines is a repeat from last time, but that's okay. I'm super excited to go through all these.

This little tin of magnets was in one of the bags. Aren't they cute?

This is Lily checking things out. Nothing can come into the house without her approval.

This is a photo of me all excited about my new fun stuff. I like when people give me stuff, it makes me look like this:

Thank you All People Quilt for sending me all this fun stuff!

My new sewing machine should probably be here sometime soon, or so I think.

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Waldeck Dry Goods said...

Hi! Thanks for linking to me over in your sidebar. Congrats on this awesome prize. Lucky!!