Sunday, March 29, 2009

1. San Francisco Bridge, a gift from my dad, 2. Coffee Print, one of Jason's creations, 3. Lily and toy, 4. Icicle Tree, a tree outside my apartment on Sunday morning, 5. 0800 AM Snow, outside my apartment at 8:00 Sunday morning, 6. 0500 PM Snow, same view as shown left, but at 5:00 Sunday evening, 7. Tahoe Blue, a bumper sticker on my frige, 8. Strip, my completed row for the swap, 9. Clean Desk, my clean desk.


Harley Dee said...

Thanks for voting for me :) I love Jason's coffee print!

Jessica said...

Me too. I like how much he loved to make ith. I think that's probably why it turned out so well. He is pretty passionate about coffee, so his coffee art usually is pretty well done.