Thursday, July 28, 2011

Logan's Turtles

My littlest nephew, Logan, turned one recently.  What does a one year old need, really?  Well, Uncle Jason and Aunt Jess decided he needed a turtle family. 

I came across this tutorial on Make It and Love It a while back and thought these little guys would be perfect for a little guy.  I made the littlest one using the pattern and decided to make 2 bigger ones by enlarging the pieces 150%. 

Logan's Turtle Family

Are they stinkin' cute or what?

I didn't attack that turtle

Lily got in on the photographic action.  She thought these were for her to play with and started attacking the little dudes.  Here she is sitting on one of the big guys.  Silly girl, doesn't she know turtles are for Logans?


Nikki said...

I love these. Cute, cute, cute!

Mary Anne said...

They are stinkin' cute! And...the cat picture (and narrative) are hilarious!

waggonswest said...