Saturday, May 21, 2011

KCMQG Charity Project

The KCMQG has been working on a charity project the last few months.  One of our members worked (or works I'm not quite sure) at one of the hospitals in our area.  She recognized the need for fetal demise pouches.  What is a fetal demise pouch?  My understanding is that it's a little fabric pouch that is used when a baby is lost before they are large enough to be dressed in regular baby clothes.  Alex came up with a new pattern for us to use to make these for the hospital.  It's much more beautiful than what the hospital had before.

Some of our members got together and made little kits for us to sew.  Anna Maria Horner and FreeSpirit Fabrics donated the fabrics for us to use.  Aren't they beautiful?  Big thanks go out to them for helping us with this project.

FD pouches

These are the two pouches I made for the May meeting.  They are really difficult things to sew (emotionally).  You can't help but imagine what they'll be used for.  I'm happy to be a part of this project, but it was really quite difficult to do.

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