Monday, March 28, 2011

No Prints Allowed.

In one of the KCMQG meetings a while back, everyone who wanted to participate was given a charm pack of one of the Robert Kaufman Kona Solids color palettes.  I chose the dusty palette.  I didn't feel sorry for it like some other members mentioned.  I was drawn to it.  The muted, yet vibrant colors just called me. 

Our challenge was to use each and every color in the pack to make a quilt of some sort.  We could add any fabric we wanted; as long as it was a solid color.  Easy enough, right?  I decided I didn't want to add another charm pack to my scheme and I didn't want a lot of another color.  I also wanted it to be big enough for a smallish person like myself to snuggle under.  That's where things got tricky.

To accomplish the not adding another charm pack, I figured I had to cut into the charm squares as little as possible.  Well that simplifies things, doesn't it?  I even decided to keep it super simple and not mess with the color order of the palette.  I just sewed the pack one square next to the other in the order they came!

No Prints Allowed
I was thinking a grey or a black for my "neutral background" color, but when I got the store to buy that fabric, I spotted this plum. Doesn't it just sing?
No Prints Allowed

This is definitely my most modern quilt yet and it accomplishes everything I wanted it to: big enough for me to snuggle under, one charm pack, minimal neutral fabric.  Now, I just need to figure out what to do on the backside and how to quilt it.

Thanks Robert Kaufman for providing the KCMQG with Kona charm packs for our challenge.


Angela said...

I saw this one on Flickr and it was one of my favorites from your guild. I love that you didn't even change the order that the fabrics came in. Lovely!

Melissa said...

I love the gradual change in color as you move across the quilt. And that plum is gorgeous!