Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What's your favorite bag pattern?

I'm working on another project for Fabri-Quilt and I would like some input from you all.  What is your favorite bag pattern?  I'm supposed to design a bag that's sort of a tote/handbag/diaper bag hybrid. I'm thinking a large bag with lots of pockets.

I'm looking for some inspiration for a design I'll be working on and I'm wondering what you guys like.  

Sewing Tote

That bag above is one I made a while back for taking gear to sewing classes.  It's big and has a ton of pockets.  The downfall in my opinion is that none of the pockets seal.  If it doesn't tip over in transport, everything is gravy.  It usually tips over though...  :(

So what do you look for in a bag? 
Do you like a certain kind of pockets?  Certain size?  Pockets that close?
What kind of straps do you prefer?
Any certain bag shape you like?

Thanks for your help!  I'm looking forward to hearing all your input. 


Melissa said...

Hi Jessica! The first thing I look for in a bag is a place for my phone. I like a pocket I can quickly drop it into and pull it out of with out a zipper or magnet (I've heard magnets are bad for the phones??). Maybe just a tiny bit of elastic would be okay if you have to have a little security. I like the pocket right on the outside or high up on the inside.

When I was toting bottles around it was important to have a tall thin pocket that would keep the bottle upright (and I usually carried two). Then a pocket or even just a divided area for a wipes container and a few diapers was nice. Maybe even an identical pocket on the other side of the bag for a change of clothes. Oh and a smallish pocket up close and handy where you don't have to dig for a pacifier. It was nice to have all that zipped up so it didn't tip over and fall out (but I wouldn't want my phone zipped in there most of the time). It's been a while since I've carried all that equipment but I remember having a hard time finding a bag that worked well for me.

Good luck! Can't wait to see what you come up with.

Anonymous said...

Sweet Bag. Agree with Melissa. But I don't need room for baby bottles, perhaps water or Coke, and no diapers, but wipes. cell. pens. pencils, small tablet. You know, something for a granny.

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