Monday, February 28, 2011

Party Animals.

Jason and I had a VERY busy weekend.  We were MAJOR party animals.  My grandma turned 80 last week and Jason's grandmother turns 85 this week.  On Sunday we went to my grandma's party and Saturday we went to his grandma's surprise party.   

So Surprised

Oh boy was she surprised.  She thought she was going dress shopping for an upcoming wedding. 

On fire

I love the look on Uncle Tom's face here.  He looks so afraid that cousin Jenna is going to dump all those candles on his lap. 


Uncle Tom is turning 60 sometime soon, so he also got a pair of cakes.  One 6.  One 0. 

Jason, Jess & Gma V

Grandma Vrooman, Jason and I. 

Quilt Opening

Jason and I had made something special for Grandma Vrooman's birthday.  This is her opening the box. 

Quilt Label

The label I made for the back using my mom's floating eight-point star tutorial.  Thanks mom!  It was a breeze to whip this one together!

Jason made fun of my use of commas, but whatever... I like my punctuation to be correct; even if only on a quilt label. 

Quilt Top

This is the full quilt draped on my bed.  It turned out ENORMOUS and really heavy.  The neutral I used is a fabric called Osnaburg.  It has a beautiful texture to it and I really like the way it looks, I just didn't like the way it handled.  It was an experiment, so we'll chalk it up to a learning experience.  The Osnaburg stretched and skewed and frayed.  I had several spots I had to repair before and after quilting because the seam allowances had disintegrated.  Even though I really like the way it looks, I don't think I'll use it again.

The quilting on this one seemed to take FOREVER.  I used a pantograph by Willow Leaf Studio called Whirlygig in a pretty gold thread.  I thought the design was just the right density of quilting for this one.  Unfortunately, I had a few issues with thread tension, borders, and stretching fabric and it took me 7 hours to finish!  Phew!

I had a bit of help from Jason on this one.  He did about a 1/3 of the hand sewing part of the binding.  Without him this quilt would have taken forever to finish.  I forgot to measure it when it was all said and done, but I think it was about 98x115.

Sadly, none of the pictures I snapped at my grandma's party turned out well enough to share with you.  Maybe next time. 


Melissa said...

What a special gift, Jessica. I'm sure she loves it.

Good to know about the Osnaburg. I have some double gauze fabric I'm a little concerned might do the same thing.

Nikki said...

I love it. What a treasure!

Thanks for sharing about the Osnaburg. I haven't bought any yet. Might use it for smaller things like mug rugs or bags or something in the future, though.