Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Welcome to Mount Snowhog.

We're calling that mountain of snow to the left of the Vibe "Mount Snowhog".  We have unburied ourselves from the massive snow storm that passed through our neck of the woods yesterday.  I would guess somewhere in the 12" range is what we had sitting on our driveway.  It's kind of hard to tell for sure because of all the blowing and drifting that went on out there last night.

Mount Snowhog

It really is quite beautiful in my neighborhood today. Hardly anybody is on the roads and the neighbors are all tucked away in their houses.  And how gorgeous is that house across the street from me?  I think I have the best view on the block. 

Also, because my mother-in-law would insist that I spread what she refers to as "the blessings of the season"; Happy Groundhog's Day.  :)


Qubie said...

I can't believe how much snow we got. I had fun driving home in it yesterday. Glad I was off today. Your drive looks great. Someone did some hard work.

Jessica said...

I can't believe it either! We got a TON of snow! Thanks! It took Jason and I an hour to do it together. :) I'm glad it's not a much bigger driveway.