Sunday, January 23, 2011

Happy late 1/2 birthday to me!

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What's my favorite thing lately? A present from my mom.

Last week I went up to Omaha to rent some long arm time at Jackie's shop and my mom had a fun "1/2 birthday" present for me. She made me this cute little bag and had intended to give it to me for Christmas. It didn't make the Christmas deadline, so I got it for my 1/2 birthday instead. :)

I have an awesome bag with loads of pockets that I usually carry when I take a quilting class. Unfortunately, it's not quite big enough to fit a small cutting mat; which is almost always a class requirement. She made this bag just the right size to fit in a cutting mat and rulers. How awesome is that?


And just how cute is my mom? She made this fun little label for on the backside of the bag. :)

Thanks mom!

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