Thursday, January 20, 2011

3 Quilts in 10 Days

I mentioned briefly the other day that I was finishing up several different projects.  In the last 10 days I have started and finished 3 different quilts.  I have now turned them in and am ready to share.  :)Below is a photograph of one of two identical quilts I did.  These quilts (Sliced Circuit #1 & Sliced Circuit #2) are made from my Sliced Circuit pattern which you can download for free here.

Sliced Circuit Front

Fabri-Quilt has been using an image of my design in their ads for the "Savannah" fabric line.  So far I know you can see it in Fabric Trends, Easy Quilts, and Quilt magazines.  I spotted the Easy Quilts ad this weekend and learned that Fons & Porter is offering my design as a kit.  If you're interested, it's available here.

Sliced Circuit Back

The quilt below I have titled Celebrate!  It's about 60"x90" and lots of fun. It's made from Fabri-Quilt's new "It's a party!" fabric line mixed with a couple of their solids.

Celebrate! Front

How fun did this back turn out? I like it a lot!

Celebrate! Back

I was able to schedule some time on Jackie's long arm to quilt these. I free-handed feathers around all the circle parts in each of the Sliced Circuit quilts. I did a wavy ray sort of pattern in each of the circles. For Celebrate! I did a curly panto pattern. I had a lot of fun quilting these up. Renting time on the long arm is really making me want to buy one though. Maybe someday...

Oh, and don't you love the snow photos? I had Jason come outside in our 7" of fresh snow and stand on a ladder to hold the quilts for me. I am getting kind of tired of all my quilt photos on the clothesline, so I'm trying out some new things. Hope you like them. :)

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Angela said...

very pretty! I especially love the back on the last one! And the snow pictures are lovely!