Saturday, October 30, 2010

Quilt Market...

I've been seeing all sorts of updates from quilty people who get to go to market.  Tweets saying "Boarding the plane in 12 hours!"  "Will be tweeting from the market floor!"  "Waiting for my fabric swatches to take to market!"  I just can't stand it!  I want to join in all the fun.  Sadly, I don't get to go to Quilt Market this time around.  My market debut will take place in the Salt Lake City next May.  I can't wait! 

Have you noticed I've been a little absent lately?  Well, sorry about that...  I have a lot of things to share with you!  I just pulled 1,053 (not joking) photos off my camera and am ready to spread the love.  So, what's been keeping me so busy lately?  Sewing!

Fabri-Quilt has been keeping me super busy sewing things for them to take to market.  How cool is that?  Stuff I've made is going to be there.  It's almost like sending a foot or something... maybe?  Maybe I'm sort of there?  Anyway... here's the fabricy goodness:

From Paintbrush Studio's fabric line titled "Frenzy" we have this men's shirt and swim trunks. 

Frenzy Shirt

Frenzy Shorts

The pattern for both of these pieces is KWIK-SEW 3421.

I have a fabulous husband who I can sucker into doing things like this: modeling the shirt for me. Don't ya think he looks pretty fly?

Frenzy shirt - Modeled

Frenzy shirt - Modeled 2

I think this turned out really cute.  It's a dress made from Butterick B5313 using Paintbrush Studio's "Oasis" fabric line.

Oasis Dress

I named the model Judy.  Don't you think she looks like a Judy?

Out of all the things I sewed for Fabri-Quilt's market booths, these are my favorites.  I love aprons!  They are all from McCall's pattern M5825.

The first two aprons are from "Farmer John's Market II", another Paintbrush Studios fabric line. 
Farmer John Apron

I made an oven mitt to go with this one.  And don't you like these photos of me?  I think they have an Anthropologie look to them.  Kind of drab coloring.  It was so windy and cloudy on the only day I had to take these.  Why does that always happen?

Farmer John Apron - Modeled

P.S.  I took these myself because the hubs was at work.  Don't judge them too much.  :)

Farmer John Apron 2

Farmer John Apron 2 - Modeled

This one is from Paintbrush Studio's "Astral Summer" fabric line. 
Astral summer Apron

Astral Summer Apron - Modeled

And this is from Fabri-Quilt's "Flower Power" fabric line.  When I dropped off these aprons, they named this the June Cleaver pattern.  I like this pattern the best. 
Flower Power Apron

Flower  Power Apron - Modeled

They liked it so much, they sent me home with fabric from Paintbrush Studio's "State Flowers" fabric line to make another "June Cleaver". 

State Flowers Apron

State Flowers Apron - Modeled

I might have to make myself a new apron out of something fabulous in this pattern.  I think it's cute and fits me well.  Maybe I need a gingerbread competition apron?  We'll see...

I didn't take photos of EVERYTHING I sewed.  Seriously... I have thirteen empty bolts from stuff I've sewn over the past month or so.  I also made curtains to hang in the booths, chair covers, and pole covers.  That stuff just isn't as fun to share. 

I had a little helper throughout all of these projects.  When I was sewing the curtains, I'd do them in batches according to thread color.  I'd have mounds of fabric that I'd do one seam on and put into a new pile.  Lily thought these mounds were the perfect napping spots for her. 
Lily is tired

Don't worry, I ironed and lint rolled them all before I turned them in.  :)

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