Monday, March 29, 2010

Sewbot's Favorites - March 29, 2010

sewbot's favorites
Yesterday was a fairly nice day so Jason and I headed out and about. I've been wanting to go to Anthropologie for a while now. I've never bought anything there, but I love to look at their stuff. There's so many things there that I could make myself. I just love that place. Anyway... that's not the point of my story.

So, on the way home we stopped my Urban Arts + Crafts. They had a display for this class. It's for the same class Jason and I took a while ago. Do you see the orange bag on the right side?
Screenprinting Display

This bag:

That was one I made in the class! I didn't like it enough to take home, so I tossed it there. Isn't it crazy that they snatched it to display it? I think that's pretty cool. It's always fun to see that somebody else likes what you made.

That's definitely my favorite thing for this week; finding something I made unexpectedly.

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