Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Papa's 80th Birthday

I mentioned that my family got together over the weekend to celebrate my Papa's 80th birthday. I made him a mini quilt similar to my gramma's (see the post from Monday) for his birthday.

This is the photograph I started with. It's him in 1933 (see the license plate?).
Little Papa

I love old photographs. They have such a gestalt that just doesn't seem be captured in today's photographs. This one is one of my favorites.

I used pretty much the same process I described in the post about my gramma's mini quilt, but used fusible web instead of fabric glue. That seemed to be a little easier than tracing on freezer paper (I just traced onto the fusible web, ironed that on and cut it out) and lay a little more smoothly.

Papa - Face

Papa - Feet & Headlights

Here it is all framed up. I used an identical frame and the same fabric selections as my gramma's. I thought they would look nice as a pair.
Papa - Full

I think Papa really liked it. He set it up on the table next to him at lunch and I could see him glancing at it occassionally. He said something like "I was a cute little devil. I had hair then, (pause) but I didn't have any shoes!"

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Elizabeth said...

What a lovely gift! (The one you made for your Gramma is also beautiful).