Saturday, October 10, 2009

Handmade Home

Recently, I received my copy of Amanda Blake Soule's Handmade Home. Okay... maybe I've had it for a short while, but am just now getting to write this.

The book is awesome! I bought my copy directly from the Soule Mama herself, so there's an autograph. The photographs are beautiful (although the method of printing chosen made them a bit grainy).

The projects in this book are all sorts of fun. Many of them are good projects to do with your kids. Since I don't have any kids, this only sounds fun. I'm not sure how this actually works out.

I love the way the book is written. The wording she chooses makes it sound like your having a conversation. It's not heavy on the instruction, but leans more towards the "this is how I did this project, you can try another method if you like."

So, I am in love with Handmade Home. I am pretty sure it's the first crafty book I've read cover to cover.

I made Millie's Hot Pads from the book and love them.

I recently acquired a bit of Christmas fabric, so I played around with that for these cute little pot holders.

The one one the left still needs its binding stitched down, but the right side is completed.

I think Handmade Home may be my new favorite crafty book.


Jessica said...

I absolutely love those hot pads in holiday fabric! Perfect!

Leslie said...

so cute...i bought this book recently and i love it. i am really wanting to get started and try making the momma bag...just too many other projects in the works right now. your pot holders are so fun and would make a great holiday gift for anyone.