Friday, September 25, 2009

In Search of Apples

We went to Weston, Missouri in search of an apple orchard. Unfortunately we were too late in the year to be able to pick any. We left with these photos instead.

Vaughn's country store was awesome. They had some really good smelling barbeque sauces and jellies there.

After leaving Vaughn's we headed over to the Red Barn Farm. These were a few photos I snapped at that farm.
I found a few quilts in the country store.
This old thing was sitting next to the entrance/exit of the Red Barn Farm.
Aren't the mums pretty?
This was on the side of a trailer.
I thought this arch thing was cool.
There were piles of gourds and pumpkins. They came in all sorts and sizes.

There were fun scarecrows.
And these adorable little pigs.

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