Monday, September 7, 2009

Favorite Things

1. Jason's first gar, 2. GT-Jess on top of Rendevous, 3. YS-Jess at Falls, 4. GT-Sunset

Today is Labor Day, which has come to signify the end of the summer.

Today's "favorite things" are all things that Jason and I did or saw over the summer. As you may have noticed, many of my favorite things are hardly much of things at all. They are either people, creatures, or experiences. Many of the physical "things" that I have included in the past "Sewbot's Favorites" are fairly inexpensive or second-hand items.

I'm not sure I've ever explained a theory Jason and I have developed for ourselves. We choose to spend minimally on many things so we can provide and enjoy many experiences for ourselves. How do we do this?

We've only ever purchased two significant pieces of furniture: our bed and our fish tank stand. The rest were given to us by family friends who no longer needed them or things we've found and salvaged along the way. We've picked up pieces at garage sales or thrift stores, too.

We have a 2005 Pontiac Vibe with 117,000 miles on it. We've seen a lot and driven a lot, but we chose a good vehicle in which to do so. It gets around 32 miles per gallon and is one of the cheapest vehicles to own. It's a good size for hauling things, but small enough to be efficient. It's not too fancy, but we're not really fancy people.

We've decided that if we spend our money wisely and sparingly, we have the ability to go on awesome trips and see some awesome things. We've learned that we don't need a lot of fancy, frilly things to be happy. We can be plenty happy with things other people have thrown away and use our money toward living life.

I started this series of posts based on a magazine article in Domino. Most of the things included in their "Must have things" are pricey, unnecessary items.

Finding photos to include in my "Favorite Things" has been fun. It's interesting to learn that I've actually been living what I've set out to. Buy less, play more. I've learned a bit about myself and what I value. It's an interesting thing, learning about yourself.

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