Wednesday, May 13, 2009

International Quilt Museum

Over the weekend I went up to Nebraska to spend Mother's Day with my mom. On Saturday, we had to make a run to Lincoln because the diamonds in my wedding ring were starting wiggle. Jason purchased my engagement ring at a local place, so we bought my wedding band there, too. Unfortunately, I have to bring it back to them to have it fixed under warranty. My mom brought her original wedding ring along to see if they could replace her missing diamond and re-tip her prongs. She was so excited that they could fix it because it's been probably 10 years or so since she's worn her original set.

After we left the jeweler, we headed to my sister's place of residence. She is moving back to Omaha and we loaded up the car with a bunch of stuff.

After stopping at Katie's house we headed over to the International Quilt Study Center & Museum. It was pretty cool. The main current exhibit is titled Chintz Applique: From Imitation to Icon. There was also a smaller exhibit titled Grace Snyder: A Life in Extraordinary Stitches. Unfortunately they don't allow photographs in the galleries, so I can't show you any of my own photos. There are however, a few photographs if you follow the links I've included to the individual gallery web pages.

In the virtual gallery at the museum, there was a sound booth with a big t.v. and camera. You were supposed to make a video about your quilt story; what you saw at the museum, why you came, if you quilt, etc. You can see the video we made together about our quilting story if you click here.
The picture above is of my mom giggling uncontrollably. We were very entertained by the movie making.

The Quilt Museum is a pretty cool place. When Jason and I lived in Lincoln, we were able to watch them in the initial building stages. We moved before it opened, but it was fun to see them construct it and then go back now to see the finished structure. Here are a few photos of the inside atrium sort of space.

Isn't the signage they made for the museum pretty cool? It is a piece of glass that is frosted to resemble different quilt patterns.

After leaving the quilt museum, we went to three quilt shops: The Cosmic Cow, The Quilted Kitty, and The Calico House. The Quilted Kitty sits in a neat old house and had all sorts of fabric crammed in. The Calico House had all sorts of fabric, was nicely arranged, and had reasonable prices. The Cosmic Cow was my favorite. It sits in an old building in the Havelock neighborhood and was staffed by a nice gentleman and his little dachshund. They had a wonderful selection of fabric. It took us two trips around the store just to see everything. I highly recommend this store if you happen to visit Lincoln, NE.

On Sunday morning, my dad and I took the dogs to the park and got ourselves some donuts. We dropped the dogs off and headed to Menard's for some siding to put on the garage. After we got back, we had some lunch and then my mom and I rushed to Sam's and Hancock before my grandparents were due to arrive. I now have a Sam's card. We needed to make a stop at Hancock, because I bought the rest of the bolt my store had of a specific blue for the baby quilt I'm working on.

So, I stuck around Omaha until after dinner and drove home Sunday evening. It was definitely a fun filled weekend!

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