Friday, May 22, 2009

Dream Quilt

I wanted to share a little about my main current project. One of my very good friends from home (Omaha), Amber, is pregnant with her first baby. Very soon after she called to tell me she was having a baby, I had a dream about this quilt. My dream was about a baby quilt with a giant tree on it. Hanging from a limb in the tree, was a swing.

So, since this is the first dream I've ever had about a quilt I debated how to make this quilt. I thought about it for weeks. How to construct something like this? I didn't have a clue. Finally, when I was home over Mother's Day weekend, my mom showed me a book she had checked out from the library. That book, Applique the Basics and Beyond: The Complete Guide to Successful Machine and Hand Techniques with Dozens of Designs to Mix and Match, sparked the answer in my mind.

Here's a few photographs of the quilt currently. I am going to replace the purple clementis with a better fabric I purchased last night. I am planning to add 3 little birds at the top: a mama, a daddy, and a baby. I'm thinking this quilt needs some sort of butterfly in it. I am going to add a yellow border with girlie dragonflies and use a medium purple for the binding. Now the tricky part... deciding what to do on the back. I am planning to machine quilt it by following the shapes on the quilt top. Thus, the tree will be quilted in brown thread and will have a texture given to it to mimic bark. I think I'll follow the swirls in the blue sky so that the back of the quilt has a lot of movement.

So, my current debate is what to use on the back. I am pretty set on a flannel and am thinking a solid color would be best. I want the different colored threads from the quilting to show on the back, so hopefully it will read as a tree and flowers. I'm thinking a bright white, but that will show dirt so quickly. My next thought is a cream, but I'm not sold on that. So, the great debate continues.

Note: I have only basted and pinned things into place currently. The thread and pins you see in the final quilt will not be there.

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