Saturday, April 18, 2009

Live from Chicago

The trip has been awesome so far. I've learned a lot, walked a lot, and had a blast. So far, I've taken a class called Creative Thinking for your Studio and a class called Turning your Quilting Passion into Profit. Both were really awesome and I learned a lot and got a lot of great ideas forSewbot's Laboratory.

Yesterday, Jason and I walked through the exhibits. This show is even bigger than what I had imagined! We didn't even make it all the way through in 4 hours. I've picked up some fun fabrics for the Row Robin Swap that I'll have to share when we get home. I also picked up a few fun things for me. I bought a few tools I had been wanting to get. And most importantly, I got a bunch of bobbins for Meredith, my new Babylock.

Today I'm taking a class called something like Selling your Patterns for Profit. The woman teaching it is the same woman I took yesterday's Passion for Profit class from, so hopefully it will be equally as good.

Anyway, I'll be home sometime on Monday, so hopefully I'm up for writing a blog that night. If not it will be probably Tuesday night before I am. Tomorrow's favorite things has a theme, so be sure to stop in!

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