Sunday, April 19, 2009

In honor of my attending the Quilt Festival in Chicago this weeekend, all of my favorites this week are quilts.

1. White w color quilt detail, one of my grandma's quilts, 2. Wedding Quilt, made by Jason's grandma for our wedding, 3. Jess - Wedding Lap, made by Jason's grandma for me, 4. Bridal Detail Shot, made by my mom for me, 5. Jess + Black quilt, my favorite of my grandma's quilts, 6. Blue quilt whole, one of my grandma's collection, 7. Miscellaneous Quilt, a quilt by Jason's grandma, 8. Sisters Full, one of 3 I made for my 2 girlfriends and I, 9. Star and hexagon quilt, another of Grandma's collection.

Have a great week!

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