Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A quick review...

As I mentioned in a previous post, I took a few Fridays off in the month of January and have now extended it through the month of February. I did this to build my inventory to open an Etsy store in March. I wanted to post a little review of what I've been working on.

My first Friday off, I worked on some tissue packs and a baby hat. I absolutely love the baby hat, but it took quite a while to complete, so I don't think I'll be making another one soon. And if I do make one soon, it won't be to sell because for the amount of time it took, the price I would have to charge wouldn't be anywhere near reasonable.

My second Friday off didn't go quite as planned. Jason and I work together, so it really hasn't been a problem for us to share an office key in the past. On that Friday, we forgot to pass my key over to him, so I spent a good chunk of my day trying to get the key down him at the office. Usually, this wouldn't be a big issue, but that day it had snowed. There was an accident on the highway I usually take to the office, so it ended up taking a lot of weaving through town to get to him. So, it was lunch time before I made it back home and could start working.

I worked on some casserole covers. I started with the brown pair. I think they turned out pretty cute. They work awesome for keeping food warm when taking a dish to mom's house or wherever. They're quilted on the bottom (which wraps up the sides when you put a dish in and tie it closed) which creates little heat pockets.

Jason and his brother went up to Nebraska to pick up 1/2 a cow from one of the grandparents. I had all day Saturday (minus a chunk in the middle where I went to a salsa dance class) to work on stuff. I made the blue house pair of covers. I think they're adorable. Don't you think these would make a good house warming gift, casserole covers made with house fabric? *Only one of each pair is shown.

Last week I made some potholders. I'm not very happy with them, but I'll work on that.

I also made a few aprons recently. They match the potholders and casserole covers. I'm having fun working on things.

I can't rememeber exactly when I did these, but I think they're cute. They're burp cloths. The front is cotton and the back is a soft pink flannel.

So, that's what I've been working on my last few days off. I don't quite have a plan yet for this Friday.

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