Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Tour of Daniel's Nursery - Crib Set

I've mentioned once or twice that Jason and I don't like to spend a lot of money, right?  Well, this crib and the small bookshelf are the only new pieces of furniture we put into this room.


I made the crib skirt from my own head.  It's made from a lime green striped fabric.  The orange accent is kind of splotchy.  I just made a strip of bias tape (minus the bias, so that'd be straight grain tape, perhaps?) to accent the skirt.

Crib sheet

I made the crib sheet you see Daniel lounging on here.  I used this awesome tutorial to make it.  I'd use the same tutorial again to make others, but next time I'll do something different with the elastic.  It doesn't really pull the sheet tight along the bottom like I think it should.  That's an easy modification though.  :)

The sheet took less than an hour to make.

It's made from a really cute dinosaur fabric I found at JoAnn.

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