Thursday, March 8, 2012

Tour of Daniel's Nursery - Changing Table

In the Tour of Daniel's Nursery I posted on Tuesday, I showed you the changing table we use.  Here are the details:
Changing Table - Whole

These two little dressers have been around.  I believe they were initially purchased from the goodwill to be used in my room when I was a baby.  Back then they were white with red and blue pinstripes outlining the drawers.  The knobs were those big wooden ones and I'm not sure what color they were painted.

I believe they were used for both my sister Katie and my nurseries.

I remember them being white at one point with peach colored knobs and used as end tables next to a futon in the basement.

Katie painted them a chocolate brown with turquoise knobs and used them in her apartment in college.  Possibly in one of her dorm rooms, too, but I'm not sure about that.

After she was done with them, they retired to the basement again.  My dad (also known as the grand master to some) sanded them up for me.  I painted them white and replaced the knobs.  Kind of fun how they have been used over and over again don't ya think?

Changing Table - With Baby

The changing pad I found at a garage sale over the summer for a few bucks.  It's nothing fancy, but it does the job.

I made the cover that is on it currently from a bath towel I found at Target for under $4.  It was a piece of cake!  I just measured my pad, cut the corners off to the right size, serged the corner seams together, serged the edges, and added elastic.  It took me maybe 20-30 minutes from start to finish.  So much better than spending $15 or so on a pre-made one.

The drawers are filled with our diapering supplies.  We are cloth diaperers at home, so several of the drawers are filled with prefolds.  Another with covers.  We haven't gotten brave enough to do cloth outside of the home.  Mostly, I'm worried my diaper bag isn't big enough to hold the cloth diapers since they are significantly larger than the disposable ones.  

Pee Pee Tee Pees

I also made some of these little guys.  They're made using make it and love it's tutorial.  They are easy to make, not so easy to use.  My little guy wiggles out of them so fast I've found it's better for me to risk it and use both hands to get a diaper in place than to try to diaper with one hand and hold the little shields in place with the other.  Jason uses them, though, and doesn't seem to have the same problems I do, so maybe it's just me.

That's how we diaper around this house.  Baby seems happy to be on the changing table, so we must be doing something right. :)

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