Monday, December 19, 2011

Potholder Swap

I participated in the Log Cabin Potholder Swap between the KC Modern Quilt Guild & the Portland Modern Quilt Guild.  Each of us was given a name of someone in the opposite guild & we had to research that person as best we could and make them a potholder. 

My partner was Nancy Stovall.  She didn't give a lot of information, so I was left to my own devices.  I gathered from her blog that she's a long arm quilter.  She didn't give any specific color preferences or style preferences, so I went with some fabric I had & quilted the potholders for her very heavily and pieced very minimally. 

Potholder 3

My piecing is based off of a pattern called Northwest Modern Quilt in Susan Beal's Modern Log Cabin Quilting book. 

Potholder 4

The quilting was all out of Judy Woodworth's Freemotion Quilting Handbook.  I've been practicing my freemotion skills on my domestic machine on every project I've done lately.  What do you think?  Am I improving? 

Nancy, I hope you like the potholders I sent for you.  I had fun making them; especially the quilting part of it.  Hope you enjoy!

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Sharon said...

I think the quilting is awesome!