Monday, December 7, 2009

Black Friday Shopping

Jason and I got up at 4:30 on Friday morning to get out and shop. We hit Walmart, but were too late. We hit Kohl's and got a few presents for the little people. Then the fun really began.

Jason dropped me off at JoAnn's. I got a new iron. It's a Rowenta DX 6900 and it was only $40! I also got some thread and more flannel. That flannel is hard to resist at only $1.50 a yard!

I treated myself a new 24"x36" cutting mat; woo hoo! It's double sided. My old cutting mat was 23" square (at least the grid part) and had been my mom's. I used it in school for x-acto cuts and gluing, so it was pretty trashed. The grid was so destroyed you couldn't really use it to line things up on. It was time.

I got a pair of OttLites to use for a photo light box. I'll build it eventually. I stocked up on rotary blades since they were 1/2 off and I had a 20% off total purchase (excluding doorbusters) coupon. Nice, eh?!

While I was in line at JoAnn's, Jason went to Game Stop and got a new Wii game for us. He also went to Target in search of a new robe (Shh! It's a secret for me!) and 700 t.c. sheets. Unfortunately, the sheets in our size were all gone. Bummer.

We also went to Kmart, Home Depot, and a second Kohl's.

I love Black Friday shopping! You always hear about people getting trampled or being nasty to each other. That's never been my experience. I've always loved going out because it seems like the people standing in line with you are also kicking off their Christmas season. They're always cheerful and just as nuts as I am for getting up at 4:30 in the morning to save a few bucks!

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