Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pumpkin Baby Shower

Jason's family threw us a shower over a month ago now in Kansas City.  We all partied at his mom's house.  Baby Pumpkin
Isn't this little pumpkin cute?
Snack table
There were lots of yummy snacks.
The yummy cake
This cake was delicious!  I only had a nibble of it though, since I'm temporarily diabetic and it was pretty rich. 
Snack spread
See?  Lots of yummy snacks.
Fruit skewers
Fruit skewers stuck into a pumpkin.
Cheese ball
This was a cheese ball!  I love cheese balls.  :)
And crackers for the cheese.
The cake cutting
We were fancy and got to cut the cake like at our wedding. 
Momba with Elle in the background
We played the what kind of poop is in the diaper game. 
Elle tasted it. 
Mom & Dad
The poop game
Jason's face is not reassuring of our upcoming adventures.  It's fake poop; what's he so grossed out by?
Playing a game
They won
Tammy & Michael were the best fake poop guessers. 
Tammy won a game
Michael won a game
The boy game
The boys played a game.  They were each given a bottle with 4 oz. of beer.  The winner was the guy who could chug the beer from the bottle the fastest. 
Joe practicing with the bottle
Joe was one of the two last guys remaining.
Michael working the bottle
Michael was the other.
Oops!  Joe choked up.
Michael winning
Michael was committed.  Check out the beer drips down the front of his shirt.  Perhaps that's why he won. 
Joe & Kathryn
Joe & Kathryn.
Katie & Amber with Mom in the background
My mom in the background; Katie & Amber in the foreground.  Isn't my sister cute?  I think so.
Michael & Tammy
Michael & Tammy.
Mel & Alex
Mel & Alex.
We're having a baby.
Jason & I. And Squirmy, too, but you can't see him all that well.
Party favors
These were the party favors.

We had a lot of fun.  We got a lot of really cool presents for the little guy.  It was a really nice party.  The weather was beautiful that day; great for the people who drove 3 hours to party with us. 

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Sharon said...

Aren't you lucky! It looks like a lot of fun.